The Art of food…


Welcome to! This is our first blog out of many blogs. We will write one on a regular base, so keep an eye on our website and follow us on social media. We will use these blogs to share news and recipes, but especially to tell beautiful stories about the products that we present to you through our webshop and our affiliated offline sales points.

At Novus Ventus, we have a passion for beautiful food. And beautiful food not only includes the physical and functional product at a certain price. It includes the physical product and the story beyond the food product. In our opinion there is no real food experience without that beautiful story. It is just like with art … without the artist’s message you cannot experience the artwork. That does not make sense. That’s why we try to share the art of food with you within this blog.

We have been walking around in the world of global food for a while already. We have seen and experienced a lot. Food is a basic human need, that’s right. However, too often the whole process of production, logistics, buying and consuming food gets bogged down in a price discussion that completely ignores the added value of the food. There are so many beautiful products that are completely and stripped down on quality, experience, distinction, freshness, production process, the story and therefore the fun and product appreciation. All in favour in getting that competitive price.

In our opinion this is such a shame, that that we now have a focus within our company on finding and appreciating those beautiful and honest products in order to make us all happy. Happy because the products are tasty and because you experience them through the right balance of taste and story against a fair price. That is really the art of food… we think!

The advantage of the Corona crisis is that we were forced to spend our time at home. We could no longer go to restaurants and had to replace our drinks and dinners out of home by our own creativity in the kitchen and/or take away.

And this need to elevate food at home to food art has pleased many home chefs in the end. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep this up in the future? So cosy!

It is not without reason that specialty shops, the specialists in food, have been very busy these days. During this Corona time they could give that extra dimension to home cooking. They can tell the story about the product… and you will definitely experience this yourself

That is why these specialty shops, offline and online, remains so extremely important in parallel to the supermarkets. Don’t buy all your food at the supermarket! Support your locals! Let your culinary creativity and heart speak!

Fortunately, there are still many food producers who have been doing what they are good at for centuries and who also aim to make art out of food. And these producers can usually be found in Europe, but are not available in the Netherland or throughout Europe. As Novus Ventus International, we want to change this. It would be a pity if you miss out all these beautiful products that can make give you a smile on the face!

The Iozzino pasta is a striking example of the traditional character and quality a food product could have. We started to introduce it in the Dutch market and everyone who tries it falls in love. This is art, they say: the production story, the preparation and the bite.
Nuts original snacks are tasty snacks from Portugal. They are not ordinary. The story behind the concept is great. The concept emerged out of the need to have a suitable and healthy appetizer to combine with your favourite drink over a gathering: a moment of enjoyment. That was achieved by food pairing. An art on itself within a fairly traditional nut sector. We were felt that we should share this product within  the Netherlands: at home and out of home! And we brought it to The Netherlands!

And we will continue our search for food concepts that make you and us happy. Food is art by combining functionality, taste and experience. Keep following us and get your ultimate food experience!