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Italian Pasta

We, Novus Ventus International, love beautiful food and specialties. We believe that food should taste great, look great and should have a beautiful and honest story telling. Only then we find the products good enough to include in our range. And that is why our product range is authentic but with high-quality.

Italian pasta from Italy

This is how we came into contact with the Iozzino brothers from Gragnano, nearby Naples in Italy. The brothers run the family business Iozzino, which has a rich history and which already started its first activities in 1797 as a traditional pasta mill and is still today.

We explain you about the history

The position of Gragnano, unlike that of the other areas of wheat milling, has always seemed magically placed in that exact place to make perfect the production of pasta: the huge and constant amount of water of its various streams, essential to provide the energy needed for the driving force of the mills and the pure water for the production of the pasta itself.

Iozzino’s age-old recipe

The proximity to the slopes of the Lattari Mountains from which naturally draw the fresh winds for drying the pasta, the location in a valley sunny and with the right percentage of humidity, the proximity to the sea and, therefore, to ports for grain supplies and the loading of ships with the sublime pasta produced Today, Iozzino’s age-old recipe is still the same, although the process has changed over time.

Let us explain you about the production process. The pasta prepared and bronzed in the traditional way. The bronze dye provide a porous pasta, which makes the sauce stick much better to the pasta. Nowadays, the drying is done in static drying cells at low temperatures. The Italian pasta therefore has to be cooked a little longer, unlike industrial pasta. However, you will have the perfect bite and no sticky pasta.

Iozzino produces 10 short pasta and 4 long pasta. We as Novus Ventus International did not want to  you this art of foods. We are happy to share the story, the product and experience with you. Be surprised and enjoy. You taste Italy, you taste craftsmanship and you meet the passion of the Iozzino family on your plate.

You will not regret!

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