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Novus Ventus is a diversified and dynamic group of companies with an international focus. The company is active in food, hospitality, management services and real estate development. This unique diversity of businesses creates stability and synergies, supported by a sophisticated expertise with an international focus. The fun factor of doing business and sharing this within our family and with our clients is the most important value of Novus Ventus.

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Novus Ventus International is the Food division of the Novus Ventus group. The company's focus is on the trade of premium food products and raw materials (including fine food, snacks, pulses and other soft commodities) in Europe, in particular. Honesty and flexibility is what the company stands for. With its products and services, Novus Ventus International aims to add maximum value to the needs and demands of the customer. To do this, Novus Ventus International operates in an low profile and dynamic way. Novus Ventus International is, among other things, the exclusive distributor of premium snacks and ingredients such as Karma Bites Snacks in the Netherlands. We are also the exclusive European distributor of the artisanal Pasta Iozzino from Gragnano, Italy. More information about these products can be found in our store.
Boreas International is the division of the Novus Ventus Group that focuses on the trade of edible nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Supported by an established network, knowledge base and an honest and personal approach, Boreas International serves a diverse customer base within the industry.

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Novus ventus Hospitality

Novus Ventus is also active in the hospitality industry!

Hotel De Gravin is our boutique hotel in 's-Gravenzande on the Dutch southwest coast. The monumental building, a former warehouse that was built around 1850, provides a warm atmosphere. The building has been completely renovated and equipped with all modern facilities, allowing you to enjoy a very pleasant stay. Due to its location directly on the beach and in the vicinity of The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam, there is always something to do.

‍Residence Heesdael is a luxurious holiday residence in South Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands and one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands. Residence Heesdael consists of 6 holiday apartments which are located on the hilly edge of the beautiful village of Slenaken (near Maastricht, Valkenburg and Aachen). The apartments are new and all modern facilities are available.
From April 2022 we will open Hotel Hof van Slenaken, also located in Slenaken. This hotel is currently being transformed into a luxury hotel with about twenty rooms and apartments.

Domaine Comtesse de Dordogne is our holiday residence: a place where you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday in one of the most beautiful and characteristic parts of France. The domain takes its name from its sister hotel, Hotel De Gravin, on the coast of the Westland in the Netherlands. This charming hotel and its authentic interior and atmosphere inspired us to create this beautiful endroit on the edge of the village center of the historic and idyllic town of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac. The river La Beune crosses the domain, which is surrounded by a beautiful park with a beautiful view of a waterfall and the village. The buildings have all been completely renovated and all modern facilities are in place..

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Where we are…

Novus Ventus Hotel Divisions

Monsterseweg 5, 2691 JA
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 174 820 170
@: info@hoteldegravin.com
W: http://www.hoteldegravin.com

Novus Ventus Food Divisions

Dijckerhoek 89 2692 GZ
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 633 56 11 61
@: trading@novusventus.nl
W: http://www.novusventus.shop

Novus Ventus holds offices in The Netherlands and France. Furthermore it has a service desk in the United Kingdom. If you want to know more about us or our products and services please find out more by clicking on one of our brands above.